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Think or Swim

What every extraordinary person KNOWS

What if there was a book that could help you improve your relationships, crystallize your vision, and give you back your mojo so you can get that job or start a business? Look no further than Think or Swim, a how-to manual for life. In this ground-breaking new book, authors Leslie Palmer and Sean Eubanks have distilled the wisdom of the ancients and the best of modern thinkers into seven simple steps for life-long happiness and success. Think or Swim’s key principles, reinforced by experiential “Apps,” help you move past the fear and disappointments of the past and create the extraordinary life you deserve.

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Vision Think

Get clarity on the vision for your life and use the Think or Swim tools to make it happen.

Don’t Teach Your Child to Swim

Communicate with your child using Think or Swim concepts and child friendly Apps to make learning these life concepts fun and rewarding.

Future Think or Swim Series

For the entrepreneur, single parent, divorced, sandwich generation, teens – Will include real life stories of challenges and triumphs from people around the country.