About the Authors

Leslie Palmer

Leslie Palmer is an accomplished business executive, entrepreneur, and visionary who has launched and managed several businesses and nonprofit organizations over her 25-plus year career.

In 2004, she created the nonprofit organization, Quest Teen Leadership, to empower and challenge young people to make a positive difference in the world by consciously choosing self-respect, integrity, empathy, and accountability. Since its inception, Quest has trained more than 4,000 teens across the country. The two-day workshops are now being offered through the Think or Swim brand.

Leslie also has extensive experience coaching victims of physical and sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health problems, such as eating disorders, depression, and bipolar disorder.

  • Creator of motivational workshops for teens, teachers, parents, and other adults
  • Speaker and group discussion facilitator
  • Business and relationship coach, with parents of teens a special niche.
  • Mother of 30-year-old son, now a medical student
  • World traveler
  • Author of forthcoming book for children that teaches the life-enhancing principle—“your thoughts create your life”—in a fun and entertaining way

Sean Eubanks

Sean Eubanks has a wide-ranging background that includes business startups, real-estate lending and investing, consumer lending, public speaking, philanthropic endeavors and leadership training.

In 2008, Sean launched a construction company with no capital or industry experience and turned it into $4 million-plus enterprise. His award-winning residential fence and patio company, Texas State Fence Co., is the fastest-growing and most profitable of its kind in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Sean started Kick 4 College, a nonprofit martial arts scholarship league in 2007, and has grown the tournaments from 25 participants playing in high-school gymnasiums to 650 participants competing at The American Airlines Center in Dallas. He was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2008 for founding the first martial arts league that awards college scholarships.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Martial Arts Hall of Famer
  • Has backpacked in 40 countries
  • Scuba diving instructor in Thailand
  • Quest Teen Leadership training facilitator
  • Introduced Congressman Ron Paul at the GOP debate in Greenville, SC, in 2011
  • Author of forthcoming book for entrepreneurs