All of the Think or Swim programs, whether a 2-day workshop or a 30 minute talk, include an interactive component – ‘App’ that will bring the topic to life.  People are making life changing breakthroughs after just a few minutes using the Think or Swim ‘Apps’.

Workshops For Businesses, Schools, and Organizations

This workshop is designed to guide your executives and employees to an experiential understanding of their level of responsibility in creating a profitable business and positive work environment.

Whether you offer this course to your:

  • Sales Teams
  • Employee Teambuilding
  • Customer Service Departments
  • Managers
  • Executives (includes a personal coaching package)

The results will be the same – Improved communication and empathy within team and motivation to take personal performance and accountability to new heights.

During the workshop we will explore:

  • The power of thought in creating our environment
  • Tools to eliminate blame and finger pointing
  • Unparalleled system to eliminate problems stemming from cultural diversity
  • Goal setting tool that will catapult results in performance

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A high level of EQ or Emotional Intelligence is what separates the average person from an extraordinary one. The good news is that unlike your level of IQ, which you are basically born with, EQ can be LEARNED. The 7 lessons and ‘Apps’ offered in Think or Swim will be brought to life in an exciting workshop that will give you the necessary tools to increase your EQ and have you leave with a new lease on life.  

This workshop is ideal for

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Administrators and Teachers in public and private schools
  • Churches
  • Associations and Civic groups
  • Conferences

As in “Adult Swim”, this workshop teaches EQ or Emotional Intelligence. There is no more critical time to begin increasing your EQ than the teen years.

Hear Leslie speak about the importance of EQ during this critical time of growth.



There are several references to the Quest Teen Leadership workshops in Think or Swim. This 2 day workshop, along with shorter versions, are now being offered under Think or Swim – TEENS ONLY

This workshop is ideal for

  • Public and Private Schools
  • Churches
  • Sports Teams
  • Youth Associations and groups


Over 4000 teens around the country have experienced this workshop and at the end of the 2nd day they do not want to leave. The personal discoveries they made about themselves, and the tools they are using daily in their lives, have them proclaim

  • “I create my life with my thoughts and no one controls my thoughts but me, that’s cool!”
  • “Now that I understand It’s all Neutral, I will never complain about my life again”
  • “Everything is a choice…even homework!”
  • “Walking in someone else’s shoes has taught me empathy- maybe people are a lot more alike than we are different, even our parents”

Topics Available For Your Private Event

Think or Swim – “Swimming Upstream is Only For Fish”

How to create a joy filled relationship with your spouse, children, co-workers and friends that will be -easy and fun.  The concept to create huge changes in your relationships is easily learned and techniques can be taught to friends in family with ‘take home Apps’ .  The results are spectacular.

Think or Swim – “FEAR, the F bomb – how to diffuse”

Never again does fear have to run your life.  When we come from a place of fear, we will never be able to achieve the amazing life we desire.  Learn how to take a bad to horrific situation, neutralize it and then have it work to support the life you desire

Think or Swim – “Wake Up or Drown”

There is one technique that is absolutely necessary for personal growth, creating amazing relationships, finding your purpose, living a joy filled life and it is – WAKING UP!!!  The Think or Swim team will show you how to use this App to fast track you to your dreams.   The technique can be learned in minutes and the results last a life time.

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